Bathing in the Realness (Or, Mind If I Show You My Wiki?)

In preparation for the release of my first Indy E-Pubbed military sci-fi novel To Drown in Sand, one of my Betas, Ademir (rocket scientist, relentlessly energetic champion of all things Lunen, and orbital entry aficionado), suggested I build a Wiki for the universe that (tries) to contain the story. We’ve been puttering away diligently, and the framing is up, some sheathing, and even a window or two.

Wikis are great for collaborating on world-builds, and act as an excellent standing reference for any writing project underway. Nothing better for those “Oh…wait…what did I call those little whatzitz again?!?” moments.

So here’s mine. Its the 10th Lunen Regiment Wiki, complete with handy little links and even a few neat photos to set some ambience for the story’s setting.

Feel free to click around, and explore. Just remember that the place is still under construction, so if you fall in any holes, they may go pretty deep, and we won’t be able to hear you to get you out. We’re busy launching re-entry rockets and firing neat weaponry.

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