When the Tech-gods smile, and sunshine pours from the computer screen.


Amazon inadvertently knocks 2 months off of my production schedule!

Amazon has recently announced the long-awaited arrival of Kindle downloads and E-books on their Canadian site (.CA)! This is ENORMOUS news to Canadian Indy E-Pubbers; we can now upload and publish straight to our home market first, without having to wait for the labyrinthine, gargantuan system of the ITIN application process, and the dreaded Form 1040NR mailing and return before publishing!

While it’s important to publish across formats, and still a priority to upload your product to the U.S. market (which makes the bureaucratic nightmare of applying for treaty-based tax-exemptions inevitable), it’s a huge step forward to be able to load our E-books up to the Amazon system, and make it available to our home market first! That enables us to utilize existing accounts to later offer sales on Amazon.com, while already taking advantage of Createspace POD hard-copy publishing, buying copies of your own product, and the sheer bliss of posting the link with your actual book for sale, far earlier in the process.

For an idea of how arduous a process this can be (and if you are into self-torture, or numbing of the mind), check out this excellent post at Step-By-Step  Self Publishing:


Somewhere in the ether, the benevolent Bishops of the Tech-Gods are nodding in their heavy cowls upon seats of black stone, chuckling at my rapture.

Seriously. This takes 2 months away from my production schedule. That was how long I had built in to allow for the craziness of the ITIN process. A HUGE barrier has simply disappeared! No mailing my passport to the U.S. (Shudder!), no repeating the process 7 times because someone at the IRS didn’t dot an ‘I’.

Technology curing digital systemic constipation. Go figure!


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