Evolution of a cover. (Or, Holy Crap, this is really happening.)

My brilliant cover artist, Dylan Edwards, has been slaving away, eking out time from his busy work and family life, to work on the cover for the first book in my trilogy. Talk about blessed with convergence: he’s a genre fan, writer, graphic designer, Beta Reader, and one of my Apex editors. So, I’m lucky enough to have the guy who knows the story intimately working on the pinnacle image for the release of the book.

That. Never. Happens.

Super, Super excited. He’s amazing. And incredibly patient. Quote of the night last night?

“Oh, S**t, I forgot to mention the flamer!”

Luckily, he hadn’t.

Here’s the 2nd draft, before tweaking some of the necessary elements (the very first rough sketch can be found in an earlier entry on the blog):


And, below, the 3rd generation image, which is very near the final product. I keep staring at it, trying to figure out which of my characters are which.

Really, it’s a lot like pulling the blanket back in the bassinet. Enjoy.

todrowninsand (3)



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2 responses to “Evolution of a cover. (Or, Holy Crap, this is really happening.)

  1. Holy cow! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!

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