“Where have you been? ” They asked. “Why, writing, of course.” He said.

One day, one of my all-time favourite old-school Warhammer writers, William King, wrote a short story, and my head exploded.

Which kept me very, very busy over the last two months.

To promote his independent production of his Kormak series, King wrote a prequel short story that is very, very good.


It might even be better than some of his books. (I say this having started his first in the series, Stealer of Flesh, free on Amazon right now.)


I was disappointed with ‘Stealer’. The lack of a solid editor seems obvious, even to me.

But that’s when I felt my author cortex swell, pop out through my forehead, and splatter the wall of the kitchen like old spaghetti.

Because I realized that I could do that. I’m an Indy. I can do anything I want. Joe Konrath says so (http://jakonrath.blogspot.ca/).

As long as it’s Good.

So, that’s what I did.

After seven drafts of revision and editing , I think I might have gotten close to the Good horizon. I can see it if I squint.

So that’s what I’ve been doing in May and June. And it paid off. I learned tonnes about completing a project.

And, posting the short to Amazon will be an excellent dry run for my book’s release in November.

Ah, you say, HE may think it’s good. But HE may be delusional.

And you may be right. That’s why I’m going to post the first section tomorrow here on the blog, naked as a jaybird, for your perusal, in my next post. And you tell me if you’d turn the next page.


The short story, Upon a Wake of Flame, will be available this August.

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