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To Hold in Hand Completion.

Everybody does this now. I hate to be everybody. But there’s nothing else like it, and now I get why.

The first unboxing. The birth of the Galley, and the delivery into your hands.

One very, very surreal moment.


The hand stops a-tremble when the eyes read the words.

The hand stops a-tremble when the eyes read the words.

600 pages of work. Sitting in your hand.

Now THAT’S why we do this.

Please forgive me while my innards glow.

 hard copy
If you’d like a copy for your very own hand, here’s where you can get one:

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To Announce in the Grandest but most reserved manner possible.

It’s done.

2.5 years of 5 am mornings, writing on night shifts, waiting for my precious Beta copies, revisions, rewrites, and brain-numbing grammar crawls.

During a front step reno that grew into a pyramidal monster, three computer deaths, a bathroom reno (yet unfinished), a full-time job, struggling to keep an aging body from turning into oatmeal, my beloved job coaching minor football, my little dog Emma blowing out her hip, the nightmare potential of parenting two teenagers.

But it’s done.

I am proud to announce the online sale of my first novel, To Drown in Sand.

wordpress cover


And I’m not proud because it’s done.

I’m proud because I know it was ready. I know that my Betas and I’ve worked like dogs to make it good.

Not many Indys are lucky enough to have a rocket scientist and a Sergeant editing their novels to make them better. Or a smashing graphics designer to do the art and formatting.

And I still got help beyond that. From some very picky people.

But that’s not the biggest reason I’m proud.

I’m proudest because it’s Indy.

Please help me spread the word, and if you have an extra $2.99 laying around, maybe you could give it a read.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Issep, Bivka, Hitter and the rest of the squad are waiting for you.

I think you’ll find they are most excellent company.

They have been for me.

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