Cthulhuian Short Story Cover Reveal

I love Lovecraft.

Since reading At The Mountains of Madness at 16, I have never been able to read enough of his work. He opened my mind to a level of tragic darkness that I had never thought could be acceptable to write about. At that age, for me, darkness was all there was. Darkness was my Disneyworld. Lovecraft taught me to embrace it all and harness it; to welcome the things that pull us down, face them, and wrestle with them. And thus, I think, the writer in me was born.

I’ve written several Lovecraft-themed stories, all of them shuffled away in old file folders, the hand-written ink faded into the browned looseleaf. It wasn’t until recently that I took them out and decided I may as well turn them into product, since that’s what we can do now in indie publishing.

While grinding through the fantasy anthology I’m putting together (with the incredible editing of Espresso’s Holly M. Kothe), and hammering out the final revisions on To Drown in Ash (which is almost Very Nearly Done, I PROMISE), I got Holly to edit The Dog, which I first wrote back in ’89.

My stupendous cover artist, Dylan Edwards, has been shackled to his Mac, toiling away on several covers and other projects for me while ignoring his family, his nutrition, and his job as a graphic designer and animator. (He occasionally sneaks a look up from his desk to see if I’ll bring him an Ovaltine, but a harsh growl and the snap of my whip helps him refocus).

We batted around several different ideas for this cover (which will later be re-released for an anthology of Cthulhuian horror called The Dog and Other Stories), and wanted to continue to expand and experiment with different visuals for our titles. We are both old eighties kids (“We LIVED Stranger Things, you whippersnappers!”), so we were drawn to the work of Erol Otis and John Holmes. 

I give you the early draft cover for The Dog:


I’nt he ‘dorbles?

Good dog.

The Dog will be available for a pittance on Kobo and Amazon very soon.

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