My Princess Has MS Podcast: Ep. 5 (The MRI).

In which two things do not happen, Princess mocks my early bedtime, and the horrors of an MRI appointment are discussed.

Happy 2020!

Click on the file below for our latest episode, and feel free to share, like, comment, or follow! Please tell your friends, or anyone you think might benefit who has Multiple Sclerosis or is a loved one of someone who does.

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5 responses to “My Princess Has MS Podcast: Ep. 5 (The MRI).

  1. Pat Rose

    Hi Brent & Lesley,
    Wow has this ever taken off. You must be thrilled with the popularity of your podcast.

    I’d listen just to listen, you have such a wonderful rapport. Keep up the good work.

    I signed up again to be on your mailing list. Hope it works this time.

    Pat (Lithgow) Rose

    • Thanks so much! We’re looking into that!

    • Awww, thanks, Pat!! We are certainly surprised with its momentum and hope it continues. Brent is going to try to look into the mailing list issue ASAP. I’ve signed up twice, myself, and am not receiving notifications. And yet, some people are. It may be a Word Press issue, but we will definitely be looking into that.

  2. Christine Burris

    So funny especially since learning I was not the only one who noticed the podcast getting longer!!

    Leslie, I’ll vouch for Brents stated truth – we do not maintain lists about annoying patients!

    Maybe one of the future podcasts could tell how you overcame your objections about having the MRI and the story of how you got it done…and lived to tell the tale ❤️



    • Good to know about the “list”! Thanks 😉. And we will definitely delve deeper into the MRI drama in a future episode. We can’t believe how fast half an hour goes by once the two of us get talking! We always have so much more to say. Thanks for listening 🙂. It’s comforting to know that we aren’t just talking to our Moms 😂

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