My Princess Has MS: Episode 2!

Click the file below the image for the second show of our podcast, in which Princess discusses some early symptoms she noticed, trademarks a new term, and I develop a healthy fear of toasters.

The reception the show has received so far has been phenomenal! Thanks SO much to all of our listeners. Please comment, like, follow, and share, if your fancy be so tickled. The feedback makes Princess’ day!

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10 responses to “My Princess Has MS: Episode 2!

  1. Colette Pellerine

    Great podcast! It is so interesting to listen and actually be informed about this horrible disease. Thank you for sharing! You both are great in the way you are dealing with this as a couple.

  2. Suzette Sinclair

    Omg Leslie!!!
    You have (still) THEE most awesome radio voice!!! ….if the apocalypse hits…sure hoping it’s your voice we hear looking for survivors…its epic.! …so calm, soothing, fun, wise, alluring really.., …actually….you know the effect Morgan Freeman’s voice has as a wisdom filled entity?….you’re the female counterpart girl!!
    Cant help but listen 🙂
    …stay away from toasters…we need you!
    Brent maybe switch to a toaster over..get rid of the easy pour option… 😉

  3. Chris

    Hey you two – really enjoying your banter in the podcast. I agree with Suzette’s comment – get rid of the easy pour toaster – that story made me gasp! 🙂

  4. Lisa

    I also really love your paintings!!
    Thanks for the podcast. Really love hearing you guys laughing together.

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